A big welcoming, warm hug of a vessel.  Hold this one in hand when you need a generous amount of water, tea, spirit, or medicine.  This big cup holds all you might need, infusing the contents with warmth, love, goodness and just a little bit of sparkle. 


Hand thrown on red 390 clay, glazed with a white liner and magical blue crystaline glaze. 

Cosmic Blessings

  • My pots are glazed with crystalline glazes, resulting in spectacular sparkle and one of a kind results.  All pots are food-safe, dishwasher & microwave safe.  Each piece can be used for a variety of purposes, from the sacred in the ceremonial, to the sacred in the mundane. Whether you are cleansing crystals, blessing your space, having cup of tea, or enjoying a bowl full of warm food, these vessels are willing to be of service to your life.

    “Not meant to be perfect”
    My pots are many things;  unique, functional, authentic, sacred vessels.  Often they show the marks of this maker, have a little wobble or show some window of truth that reveals the vulnerability of being hand made.  Just like life, and love, they are "not meant to be perfect”, but somehow work out to be just right, good enough to warm your hands, your heart, the moment.  You can trust that each and every piece has a bit of my heart in it, and that it has been deeply infused with wishes for the deepest blessings in your world.  


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