"Nicole has an authentic and profound gift, one that I am deeply grateful for. She shares her gifts of deep healing, insight and keen intuition to move you through energy blocks and illness, unraveling the entanglements that precipitate them. I've received healings from Nicole for a few months now as I work through my own illness. It is evident that she has the ability to open the space for deep healing as I am coming through this journey feeling lighter and healthier with each session! I highly recommend her services to anyone open to receiving healing and creating big shifts in any area of life!"

Selena Murillo
Spiritual Intuitive & Empath
Retreat Facilitator, Business & Empowerment Coach for Women




"I had the good fortune of receiving 3 energy work sessions from Nicole over the course of 3 weeks. Being the naturally kind and compassionate woman that she is, she offered to help me with a lingering eye-sty after many weeks of failed attempts on my part to treat it. After the very first session my sty had shrunk to half the size!

I felt lovingly-held throughout all 3 sessions, allowing me to relax, trust, and open to deep levels of healing while releasing and transmuting energies that no longer served me. In all three sessions I could feel a very tangible, warm and loving energy moving through my body, supporting my energy systems in unwinding, releasing, and awakening to new levels of health and vitality. With my inner-vision I was taken to places of profound beauty and mystery as I received what felt like initiatory blessings and "energy upgrades".

It is clear that Nicole has an incredible gift of healing, and more importantly, she supports the awakening of the inner-healer in us all. I am so grateful that she is offering herself and her services in this way, and can whole heartedly recommend her to those ready to joyfully awaken, heal, and prosper more fully in their lives. "




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