Energy Healing


Over the past ten years I have been blessed by the deepening practice of Energy Healing and began offering this to family and friends.  At this time I feel strongly drawn to offer it to the greater world.  This unique and intuitive practice is informed by the ancient tradition of Traditional Japanese Reiki, the deep well of energy gifted to us by the Ascended Masters of the Sacred Feminine, and the exquisitely beautiful cosmology of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of the Andes.


People come to me for a variety of reasons, wanting to work with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  The non-dualistic field of Love meets us all, just where we are, with nourishing, illumiating, healing and inspiring support.

A session can be done in person, or by distance, and takes roughly between a half hour to an hour and a half.  In person work is hands on.  Hands on work looks different for everyone, deeply respecting boundaries, sensitivities and preferences. A session can be done with my hands making contact with the area needing healing, the base of your skull, or your feet.  Throughout the session we check in with your body's wisdom to see if my hands are in the right place.  There are many creative possibilities. Both hands on and distance ways of working are powerful and effective.  

Inspired to open to my full potential, I am grateful to be in deep service to Love.  Guided by Grace & intuition, I am sure I will be able to Love enough.  It is my hope that actively doing this work will make Love more visible in the world.  If you are curious, send me a note and we can explore the possibilities further.  This work can be done for a monetary fee or trade. 


Wishing you every blessing,






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