Pottery FAQ


Q: Can I put this (mug/bowl/cup) in the dishwasher?

A: Yes.  Although I would recommend hand washing due to a deep personal bias against dishwashers, but to each their own :)

Q: Will my curry/chilli/pumpkin soup/tea/coffee/wine stain the inside?

A: No.  The glaze used as a liner is like glass and will not take on the color of the things you place inside the vessel.

Q: Why are there little lines inside the bottom of my pot?

A: Sometimes the inside of pots do what potters call "crazing", which means little lines or cracks develop (like inside your Grandparents teapot and old teacup).  Sometimes this is caused by adding very hot water to a cold vessel, so you can prewarm your cup with tap water before pouring in hot hot tea. 


And by the by, In the Japanese culture, there are potters and Tea ceremonialists who purposefully develop tea pots that will do this, as they believe the crazing enhances the flavor of the tea over time (check out Yixing Tea Pots & unglazed tea pots).  

Q: Is it ok if this pot gets hot?

A: Yes.  In the glaze firing process the kiln reaches around 2300 degrees... so if you are doing something hotter than that in your kitchen... wow!!!  I hope you have good oven mitts!  This means that vessels can go into the dishwasher (see above comment), be filled with piping hot stuff, even used in the oven for pots made for cooking in.  Just watch your fingers, as the heat is transfered through the clay, depending on how thick the walls are, and how hot the contents. 

Q: Is this foodsafe? 

A: Yes.  All of my pots are foodsafe.  Each glaze finish will be different, and some have more texture than others due to the interaction between the glazes, but ALL are foodsafe. 

Q: Can you make me 6 that are all the same?

A: No.  All of my work is "one off"... sometimes the vessels are similar, close even, but not "the same" as the last.  This brings life and joy to me as a maker, and hopefully you as a buyer.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Yes! I would be happy to work with you to create something special and unique for you.  


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