Nicole Tarasiuk, DKATI, Potter

Born from a long line of artists, I have always loved art and making; the sparklier, the messier the better.  My training includes fine arts on the West Coast of Canada, a Master's Level diploma at the Kutenai Art therapy Institute in Nelson BC, a diploma in Ceramics through KSA at Selkirk College, and certification as a Clay Field Therapist, through Cornelia Elbrecht, international trainer, clinician and Art Therapist.  I received training in the field of Reiki with Amanda Jayne, and have completed my training as a Mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Peru, through the teachings of  don Oscar Miro-Qeusada. This combination of art, therapy and energy medicine has irrevocably altered my relationship with and  understanding of healing.  

I am informed by the Outsiders Art movement and Michelangelo’s practice of liberating form from material.  As an originator of Outsider Art, Marcel Duchamp’s notions about “real” artists encouraged me to have “just enough” technical training to stay out of trouble. This is a fine marriage with the culture of Art therapy, as it values process over product, and paradoxically allows for and celebrates a beautiful end product.

Currently I am collaborating with the alive material of clay.  In keeping with the notion of Bread & Roses, which holds both practicality and beauty as necessary in life, I find myself making pieces that are both beautiful and functional, process born and successful as products. 

As an Art Therapist, I believe in the inherent goodness of art making, the gentle power of process, and the ever present alchemical potential that art olds. As much as the material is formed, we are also changed in the making. 


Inherent in it’s nature, clay offers honest real time feedback.  About our mood, about  presence, about  physical body, about our way of being.  Clay invites us back into the present moment, offering an opportunity to start over, again and again.  It affords us the opportunity to rewire neurological pathways, get grounded (literally and metaphorically) and soothe our nervous system.  This is among many of the primary benefits of clay & Art Therapy.  All of these benefits under the cover of a most unassuming and humble materials.  Quite the therapist if you ask me...

As an Energy Healer, I am in awe of the capacity we each hold to heal.  It is with deep reverence that I receive the blessing of witnessing the mysterious and beautiful unfolding of each healing process. 

As a Potter, I feel humbled to be in service of revealing the forms and images that emerge from clay.  Paying deep attention, listening closely, I am able to create sacred vessels that will be of service in this world.  Filled with beauty and love, these vessels are headed into the hands of those who need and want them most. 



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